Monday, October 4, 2010

8th Grade Comparison/Contrast Essays over "The Outsiders"

8th graders read "The Outsiders" and then watched the movie.  They then were assigned a comparison/contrast essay to discuss the similarities and differences of the book and the movie.  Most seem to agree that the book is better!  That's always a  hope of mine when I let them watch a movie is that they gain a true appreciation for the books we read and how much better of a story they can tell.


  1. The Outsiders

    The movie The Outsiders by S.E Hinton and the book were very different from each other. Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally are three characters that I noticed were the most different. These three are part of a gang called “Greasers” along with four others.
    In the book, Ponyboy has a good relationship with is brother Sodapop but doesn’t get along well with his oldest brother Darry. He is a good reader as well as successful in track. In the movie he still has a good relationship with Sodapop, but he gets along better with Darry. In the beginning of the book, Pony gets jumped by some Socs, but he doesn’t get cut with a knife. In the movie, they cut him.
    Another important character is Johnny Cade who is a 16-year-old Greaser who isn’t wanted at home. He is the same between the book and the movie except for one thing. In the movie, he talks more. Johnny kills Bob in both and is also the pet out of the Greasers.
    Dallas Winston, a.k.a Dally, is the toughest out of the three important characters. He is mean, big, and all around rough. Dally doesn’t like to follow rules and causes lots of trouble. In the book and the movie he does all these things. In the book when Johnny and Ponyboy went to look for Dally and for help after Johnny kills Bob, Dally gives them a gun and some money. However in the movie, he only gives them a gun. Dally also jokes around more in the movie unlike the book. In the book he is mean and takes most things seriously.
    Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally have a great relationship with each other and they are great friends. All three are street smart and work together through the hard times. In conclusion, I think the book and movie are very good. The book is better because there is more detail and you feel as though you are right there with the characters and it hits your emotions.

    Leah Hiebert

    1. this essay is very good. if im your teacher i would give you an A+ for this ESSAY!!!:-)

  2. The Outsiders book by S.E Hinton was eventually made into a movie. They were so much alike because they both were very good from the start. Some things that happened in the book, although they didn’t happen in the movie. You could really tell in both the book and movie the friendship and love with some people.
    Some differences between the book and the movie are that Ponyboy seemed more bold, strong, and handsome. But in the movie he was like that to although, just seemed less of a Greaser because he didn’t look like a hood, didn’t have as bad clothes as I thought and he’s really smart in school. He didn’t seem to have a bad boy trait and he seemed more like a sweetheart, same as his mother. In the movie, Ponyboy said and acted the same like what was in the book. He always fought back with strong words and a courageous young man.
    In the movie you could actually see what Tulsa, OK looked like because in the book you could picture a Slump, trailer, bad neighbor hood. But the house really wasn’t in as bad as shape as I thought it would be. The difference between the people was because you could see the difference on the street. Like who they were, how old, if they were a Greaser or a Soc. Although some people didn’t really show who they were. But in the book, you can see it, but not like picture it as well. It the movie makes it bolder because you see, hear, and almost feel what’s going on. You can actually see the people doing these things, on the other hand, in the book you can read it, but not feel it. You can also see their surroundings. What’s behind the scenes. Where they’re at, and wherever they’re at, you can tell which side of town. Both the book and the movie had great descriptions on what their side was like, Socs had it all, and Greasers had nothing. Like maybe the Greasers had old cars and the Socs had brand new cars.
    “Things are rough all over” and “Stay Gold” are the same because these themes are life changing and heart-felt. In the movie, when they said the themes they didn’t seem as bold because they didn’t really change their tone. They kept it the same. In the book you could feel the suspense when they said it. How it felt. It almost just hit you in the heart.
    Overall, the Outsider book was probably my favorite. It had more detail and some words and friendship were stronger. The Outsiders movie was good to because you could see what was around them. Like in an alley, you knew what kind of alley by what was in it. Like maybe there was a pay phone and a big trashcan. Maybe there was a boxes labeled “Meat” The bond of friendship was strong in the book but… in the movie they didn’t seem as strong because they weren’t all together. They skipped a few chapters and missed a lot of good parts of friendship. Some things that happened in the book happened differently in the movie.

    By: CheyenneRenee

  3. The Outsiders is a book that was written by S.E. Hinton that was eventually made into a movie. There are many similarities and differences between the book and the movie that was based off of it. I think after reading the book and watching the movie that the book was by far the better of the two. If you watched the movie and read the book you might think the same thing, you might not, but here are the reasons that I think the book is better even if the movie wasn’t that bad either.

    In the book Two-bit was always making jokes and having a good time. I think Two-bit in the movie is similar to Two-bit in the book because he was funny and knew when to get serious. He also seemed like he was a life of the party kind of guy in the book and in the movie, too. Two-bit in the movie may have acted a little like Two-bit in the book but there were some different between. Two-bit in the movie seemed rude to a lot of people even though in the book he was only rude to the Soc’s.

    Another thing about the book is it seemed like it could have happened to someone out in the world. When the characters were sad or happy it seemed as if it were real and they weren’t just characters in a book. However in the movie it seemed different, because it didn’t seem to be as real as the book did. It did seem as if it could have happened, but the way the actors acted their feelings out, it didn’t seem as if they were sad for real or happy for real. It seemed as they were trying too hard to seem as if they were heartbroken or scared or completely ecstatic.

    Some other similarities and differences between the book and movie is when Dally dies. In the book it’s because he robs a store but it doesn’t give any details about what happened when he robbed it. In the book, when he gets shot by the cops it says that he was shot under a streetlight and all the cops shot him at once. It also says that he was dead before he hits the ground. There are many similarities between when Dally dies in the movie and when he dies in the book. In both of them it seemed as if he wanted to die and he was being chased by the cops because he robed a store. The cops shot him because he pulled a gun even if it wasn’t loaded. Some of the differences are that in the movie he got shot one at a time by the cops and he didn’t die instantly. He rolled down a hill, so unlike in the movie he wasn’t under a streetlight, said Ponyboys name and then he died.

    As you can tell there are many differences, but there are also many things that are alike between the book and the movie. I enjoyed both the book and the movie, but personally I think the book was better, because the movie left some of the things out that the book had in it. The movie is better in some parts of the story but all together I think the book was better. It’s not really surprising to me that the book was better than the movie because I think that most of the time books are better than movies. It might be because books tell more about the characters thoughts than movies do, I think this is important because it helps the characters seem more real and helps me relate more to the characters than I can when I’m watching a movie.
    By: Samantha Ann Nicole Davidson

  4. The Outsiders Compare and Contrast

    The Outsider is a really good book and movie but there are some differences between them. S.E. Hinton wrote the book, which led to the movie. She even plays as the nurse in the movie. The theme is that you have to stick together and in both the movie and the book that happen. It is important because if they didn’t stick together they probably would be dead in both the movie and the book

    In the movie they had the same story line like the rumble was about the same and they save the kids from the burning church. But they left out about soda’s horse called Mickey Mouse. Then when the rumble happened they fought and it left out about how one of Tim Shepard’s gang had picked up a lead pipe and used it against the Soces. Instead of just being at home after the visiting Johnny in the hospital like in the movie. Pony boy had to get a ride from this guy who saw he was bleeding and got him home.

    The setting was another thing that had some differences between the movie and the book. When they’re on Jay Mountain the book describes the land around Jay Mountain and the sky really well. But in the movie they just show a picture of them standing there with an orange sky and a very little bit of dirt was shown reciting the poem. In both the book and the movie they describe the rumble about the same because when they first start Darry and one of his old friends who is a socs fight and when pony boy gets in trouble Darry helps him. In the movie and the book there couch any one could sleep on it. In both the movie and the book Tim Shepard was there when pony boy came down to start breakfast.

    Johnny in the book was a quite person who stayed in the back and didn’t say much but in the movie he seemed to be more talkative they’re the same because he gets burned and his back gets broke when he saved the kids in the burning church. He stabs bob with the switchblade

    As you can see there are a lot of differences and similarities between the book and movie like when Ponyboy gets a ride from that guy in the book and he doesn’t in the movie. I like the book a little bit better than the movie because in the book was a lot more detailed. I didn’t like the movie because it left out to many parts that the book had in it.

  5. The Outsiders Rough Draft 9/22/10

    There are 2 different versions to “The Outsiders,” a book by: S.E. Hinton. There are many similarities and differences between the book and the movie. In my opinion the book is better because it shows more detail and will always go that extra mile to have every little detail. And the book is more realistic. But the movie is still really good, even though it cuts out a many of parts that the book still has.

    In the movie and also the book Ponyboy Curtis is a fourteen year old boy that at first has a really rough life, because he is always fighting with his bigger brother Darry. In the book, he has dark blackish-brown hair that is always greased back and it is long, but at the ending of the book he will have shorter blonde hair. Ponyboy in the movie is pretty much the same, except for in the movie he doesn’t seem as tough as the way they describe him in the book. He is the same the way that he acts and the emotions that he goes through, for instants, the way that he runs away crying after Darry hits him. Or the way that most of the time he tries to act cool but inside he is about to bust out crying or laughing or some were along those lines.

    In the book and the movie Ponyboy Curtis grows up in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a small house were anybody is welcome, but sometimes they fight. Like for example the way that when Ponyboy was making eggs and Two-Bit comes in a knocks the eggs out of his hands and starts to wrestle with him or like when Darry gets upset with Ponyboy and pushes him while in the book he hits him. But in the book it seems like they fight more and it’s more emotional. While the movie, they only fight a couple of times. You still will feel bad for Ponyboy though, because he is pretty much always getting his feelings hurt and he starts to cries in both the movie and the book a lot. The reason that they fight though is because Darry thinks that Ponyboy is irresponsible, and he never thinks before he acts in both the book and in the movie.

    In both the movie and the book there is going to be a rumble between the Soc’s and the greaser because the Soc’s beat up or jump the greasers all of the time and the greasers are sick of it and because of what happened to Bob who was a Soc. In the rumble Ponyboy gets a concussion and has been sleeping for about three days. But in the book some guy was really beating Ponyboy bad, so Soda jumped on the guy’s back and got him good Ponyboy then returned the favor by jumping on the guy that was beating Soda. In the book there is more action and description about everything, like in the rumble people are fighting like crazy, and in the book it would describe it like how hard the guy kicked Ponyboy in the head or if there was blood it would probably say a pool of blood washed beneath him or something like that. While the rumble in the movie it didn’t have as much action as you would think there would be. You would think about guys being thrown around left and right, but that doesn’t happen in the movie.

    As so can see there are plenty of differences and similarities between the book and the movie, like when in the movie Darry pushes Ponyboy, and in the book Darry hits him and he falls against the wall, or when Ponyboy didn’t want to give up his hair in the book he fought back while in the movie he pouts for a little bit and just says “go ahead.”
    But regardless of all the similarities and differences the book and the movie are really good and proved that no matte were you come from or the way that you dress everyone is alike in some kind of way and everybody are only human.

  6. The Outsiders
    “The Outsiders” the book and “The Outsiders” the movie by S.E. Hinton have many differences. I thought the book was better, and it had more detail. The movie was short and didn’t describe a whole lot. The book was more exciting than the movie. I think the book and the movie is about brotherhood, but there are many differences.
    The setting in the book and in the movie had many similarities and differences. The setting in the book was different because Dallas got shot under a street light at an abandoned parking lot. Yet in the movie he got shot at the park and rolled down the hill. But the setting was the same because when they had the brawl it was the same in the book and in the movie. The movie looked like what is was describing in the book. It looked the same when they were at the church rescuing the kids.
    Johnny was a lot different in the book and in the movie. Like when Johnny didn’t talk as much in the movie as he did in the book when he was in the hospital. He talked to Ponyboy and Dallas a lot in the book. But in the movie he didn’t talk as much to Ponyboy or Dallas. They’re similar because in both the book and movie he dies the same way, in the hospital.
    There we a lot of deleted scenes in the movie it deleted parts that had happened in the book. In the book Ponyboy breaks a bottle and threatens the Soc’s with it, however in the movie he doesn’t. In the movie they deleted him doing that, and he doesn’t even get threatened by the Soc’s. It’s the same in the movie and the book, because they still they still have the brawl with the Soc’s.
    There may be a couple of differences in the movie and book but it is still about brother hood. The book was awesome. It had lots of action and described a lot. The movie didn’t have a whole lot of action, besides the brawl. I thought the movie was kind of boring. However the brothers really act like brothers throughout the whole book and the move even when they had some differences.
    By: Derrick Dakken

  7. The Outsiders

    “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton is an emotional book with the crime of gangs in towns that don’t get along, fights, and brothers who live for each other. Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry Curtis are the three brothers in the novel, they all live together but don’t get along all the time.

    Ponyboy is the main character in this novel. In both the movie and the book, he gets thrown in the fountain, but does not drown. In the book, Ponyboy gets beat up by Bob, and then he puts him in the fountain in an attempt to drown him. Yet in the movie he gets beat up by three socs by the fountain. They also try to drown him. In the movie he is fighting harder, and Johnny is closer to him, while attempting to save him.

    Another character from “The Outsiders” is Sodapop, Ponyboy’s brother. He has a better relationship with Ponyboy than Darry does. In the book, Sodapop’s horse Mickey Mouse is mentioned when he was talking to Cherry. However Mickey Mouse was never mentioned in the movie. But toward the end of the movie, while he was thinking of what to write for his assignment he took a picture of Mickey Mouse off his mirror and looked at it. His horse exists in both the book and movie he just isn’t talked about in the movie.

    Out of the three Curtis brothers, Darry is the oldest. In the book, Darry loves his youngest brother deep down, but doesn’t show it in his expressions and his actions. However, in the movie he shows more affection to Ponyboy and expresses it better to him. Darry includes him in more things they did together than in the book. They are the same because Darry can’t go to college and get a job because he has to watch over and work for Ponyboy and Sodapop.

    This novel is a great book, and an emotional one by far. It tells you how a gang acts, how a town doesn’t get along and brother’s fight. The movie however isn’t the best. It skips scenes that are in the book, and is not as intense as the book. I enjoyed the book better, because it gives detail and suspenseful scenes. I would encourage any teenagers thirteen to sixteen who like suspenseful, and emotional books to read this novel and watch the movie “The Outsiders”.

    By: Megan Poole

  8. The Outsiders compare and contrast.

    There are many similarities and differences between the book and the movie in S.E. Hentons novel The Outsiders. Fourteen-year-old Ponyboy Curtis and his two older brothers Darry and Soda Pop are three Brothers that their parents died in a car wreck eight months ago and now Darry has to take care of his brothers. The message of this book is that things are rough all over and every body is the same in some way or another. The Three brothers don’t have a lot in common but what they have is enough. In S.E. Hentons Outsiders
    Characters in the Outsiders book and movie were similar and different. Ponyboy’s brothers in the movie liked to hang around with each other just like they did in the book. Yet the Characters in he movies where not as I had pictured them in my mind for instance Two bit was awfully short, I thought he would be taller as Darry. Dallas had black hair instead of being blonde headed. Pony boy got cut in the thought in the movie, and in the book pony was cut in the forehead.
    The setting in The Outsiders had many similarities and differences. The Curtis brother’s house was in an ally in the movie, in the book it is on a street like I had pictured it. When Johnny and Ponyboy got to Jay Mountain and into the church the movie had it in a little bowl, and in the book it was on the edge of a cliff. I also thought that the water pump was in the back of the church, instead it was outside in the back. On the other, hand there where scenes were the setting matched. For instance the path that Pony and Johnny took to get to Jay Mountain was the same because of the terrain that they crossed. The book and the movie were similar because neither one missed the scenes where Johnny killed Bob.
    The Outsiders movie had lots of deleted scenes .The Movie missed some major scenes. Where Cherry Valance asked pony if he ever watched sunsets right before she got in the car with Bob in the book, they completely missed that in the movie. The book gave a huge description of Ponyboy’s concussion and how long he was in bed, where as the move had about a five second scene for it. Also in the book after Ponyboy had his court date and he was at the dairy queen for lunch and was drinking a coke when some socs pulled up and threatened him he broke his pop bottle and scarred them off they didn’t show that in the movie.
    In the end even thought they may not have much in common they have each other which they figure out is enough to get through every thing. So even though the book and the movie had many differences, one important similarity is the part where Johnny killed Bob.

    Mason L. Hinkle

  9. By: Austin Welborn

    In the book and the movie “The Outsiders” Ponyboy is a smart and athletic fourteen year old. He does what’s right for everyone in the group and never turns back on a decision. He always deals with the choice he made. These scenes were set in settings that were in hard times for the characters and he faces them with undeniable strength. There are many similarities and differences between the book and the movie, but through both you see what a great character Pony is.

    When contrasting the details of the book and the movie, you get to see Johnny and Ponyboy jumping off the train in the book. But you don’t see that in the movie. They change from Johnny and Ponyboy, asking a man on a tractor to Jonny and Ponyboy asking a man sitting by an oil rig and Johnny asks a man by an oil rig instead of asking a man on a tractor, they ask where Jay mountain was at. They you get to see them walking all the way to the church in Windrixville but in the movie you don’t get to see them doing that.

    In the book and the movie, there are similarities and differences in the church scenes. When you look at the book and the movie separately. During the church scenes, the movie changes when Johnny’s cutting Pony’s hair. Pony’s not reading like in the book. They keep that they were inside when they are cutting their hair. But you don’t get to see that in the movie. They change Pony asking a lot of the questions when Dally shows up to Johnny asking a lot of the questions. Also in the movie, you don’t get to see Johnny bleach Pony’s hair.

    Another similarity and difference is with the conflict between characters, in the Book and the movie they have a conflict between Pony and Darry. Where Darry does something to Pony. When looking at the book and the movie, you see that in the movie, this change from Darry hitting Pony to Darry pushing Pony down. Pony still goes and gets Johnny from the lot and goes to the park, and they run almost all the way to the park. Except in the movie, they walk in the ally.

    Pony is undeniably the best character in both. Even though he doesn’t make all the right choices he is a good person. The scenes give insight to what they changed in certain situations from the book to the movie for Pony and others. “The Outsiders” is an awesome read and movie.

  10. The Outsiders ( S.E. Hinton) I think the movie was better than the book because you actually got to see the characters instead of trying to imagine them. The book was like an intro for me before watching the movie. It kind of gave me a lead of what the movie might be like that is why I like to read the book first and then watch the movie.

    Ponyboy is a character in the Outsiders book he doesn’t look like I was expecting. He is really tall for a 14 year old. In the book it described Ponyboy as a little not built kid but he actually looks pretty tough. In the movie when Darry and Ponyboy get into a fight Darry slaps Ponyboy. In the book Darry pushes Ponyboy to the ground. At the beginning of the book Ponyboy starts to walk home from the movie theater. Then a car full of socs pull up and threaten to cut his hair but they didn’t get a chance to because Ponyboy called for the guys and the guys chased them off but in the movie Ponyboy really gets some of his haircut off before the guys get to him.
    The setting is another thing that was different in the movie then in the book. Like when they had to go to the old beaten down church they said there were people and houses around in the book. In the movie they are in the middle of knower and there is nobody is around. In there house it is pretty much the same but I actually thought it would be a little more torn down it was but not as much as I thought.
    The theme in the book wasn’t as bold; it didn’t give as much detials as the theme in the movie. It just stood out more in the book because you could actually see who was telling it instead of writing in a text.

    There are many similarities and differences in the book and movie. Overall the movie was my favorite because the movie gives more detail and you actually get to see the characters and feel their emotions. The outsiders the movie is kind of what I expected I new it would be good because Mrs. Evans never lets us read a terrible book. By : John Settgast

  11. In the novel, "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton, a gang called the "Greasers" live in a town that is divided up by the eastside, which is the greaser's territory, and the west side, which is the Soc's territory. PonyBoy a 14 year old boy experiences how it is to be beat up, almost brought to death, and how horrible it feels to loose beloved friends and family. In most books and movies is different than the book and sometimes the book is more different than the movie but either way they might have exactly the same story line.

    In the book and the movie, Johnny was in the hospital lying on his back and when a nurse let Ponyboy and Two-Bit into Johnny's hospital room to allow them to visit him. Johnny later on asked for a cop of "Gone With the Wind", Two-Bit went out of the hospital to a drugstore down the block to get a copy of that book. The difference is that in the movie instead of Two-Bit going to a drugstore down the block he just goes down stairs to the hospital's gift shop too buy a copy of "Gone With the Wind."

    The movie had some deleted scenes. Such as in the book when Ponyboy was talking with Cherry Valance, a Soc, they were talking about different things, and he remembered about what had happened to Johnny Cade. They talked of how badly some of the socs that came in a blue Mustang had beaten him up pretty badly. It all started when Johnny was in the vacant lot retrieving a football when some soc's got out of a blue mustang, caught him, and started beating him up. After that Day Johnny was a nervous and timid wreck. This difference is found in the movie, which never covered that scene. Since they left that out, no one knows exactly why Johnny is so scared when it came to seeing that blue mustang and Bob, one of the Soc's getting out of the car. Either way in both the nook and the movie when Bob and the other Soc's jump Johnny and Ponyboy in the park, Johnny kills Bob because he is scared that bob might drown Ponyboy.

    Another scene left out, is the scene when Cherry Valance and Ponyboy are standing in line for the concessions at the drive-in movie, and were talking. One of the topics was about Sodapop, who is Ponyboy's second oldest brother. The one thing that they talked of him was when he had a horse named Mickey Mouse. The horse used to belong to a guy in a stable who he used to work for. So, Soda ended up naming it Mickey Mouse and would always rode the horse. But this was personal and it marked a point where Ponyboy trusted Cherry to just talk and wasn't nervous around her.

    The Difference is that in the movie it doesn't show this conversation. This is important because it helps us to understand why Cherry decides to be a spy, and why Ponyboy trusts her well enough to help out their gang. Instead no one knows how close of a friendship Ponyboy and Cherry have.

    So whether the story comes from the pages of a book or a movie. They are full of similarity and differences, but in both, even though not everyone gets along in the beginning in the end is there it counts

    Paige Bomberger 8th Grade